Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I receive my media?

We ask that you would book your shoot at least three days out in order to give us time to coordinate your shoot with our fully licensed and insured pilots. After the shoot we will have your media back to you within 72 hours at the latest. Though with most jobs, we are able to return finalized media to you within 24hours of the shoot date.

How will I receive my media?

After your pilot has completed a shoot, we will email you a folder containing all of your aerial media, you will then be able to download the images, video, or both to your computer with the click of a button!

Do I need to pay attention to the weather when picking a shoot date?

Yes, with aerial photography it is best to shoot on a dry day with low wind speeds. Make sure to pick a day with nice weather in the forecast!

Do I need to be present at the property during the shoot?

No, our pilots do not need to interact with the property owner, manager, or agent. If you would like to be present in order to converse with them and talk about your vision for the media that is preferred!

How long will a shoot take?

For images only, no longer than 30 minutes. Videos take a bit longer at 45 minutes. We can have a photo and video package shoot complete within one hour and 30 minutes!